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About SVG
The Sports Video Group was formed in 2006 to support the professional community that relies on video, audio, and broadband technologies to produce and distribute sports content. Leagues, owners, teams, players, broadcasters, webcasters, and consumer technology providers have joined the SVG to learn from each other, turn vision into reality, implement new innovations, while sharing experiences that will lead to advancements in the sports production/distribution process and the overall consumer sports experience.


To advance the creation, production, and distribution of sports content.

To provide a knowledge resource for the growing community of sports video professionals working  for broadcast/broadband organizations, professional teams and leagues, collegiate and secondary schools, and facilities.

To facilitate a dialogue with manufacturers, suppliers and technology developers that will improve the quality and profitability of sports programming.

Market Segments:
Broadcasters and Webcasters: Whether it’s a primetime sports broadcast, website or the smallest cable system, technology makes a difference.  Video tools continue to evolve, advancing the art and science of sports production and distribution.  New online and via telecommunications delivery systems have expanded the amount of sports content being produced at all levels and at an ever-widening number of sporting events.

Leagues, Schools and Teams: In the world of sports entertainment, these are the content owners – the owners and providers of the programming that demands new levels of production quality, content management systems, and worldwide distribution systems.  Statistical data needs to be standardized.  Video footage needs to be archived and managed. New business models need to be analyzed.  Production techniques need to maximize the entertainment value and profitability of the programming.

Coaches and Trainers: Increasingly, sports leagues, teams, and athletes are using video to improve on-field performance. Video is everywhere: whether it’s breaking down game films, studying a golf swing, or helping the pit crew study its performance during a recent NASCAR event. By bringing together video professionals with equipment makers the latter will now know how to retool their products to best serve the individual market needs.

Stadiums and Arenas: Scoreboards, digital signage, audio systems…today’s stadiums and arenas are a bastion of cutting-edge video technologies. This will continue to grow as stadium owners look to better entertain everyone in the arena: from the fans in high-end luxury suites to those in the cheap seats.—while the venues themselves become the working stage for worldwide broadcast and broadband sports performances.

Technology & Services: From professional tools to consumer electronics, video, Internet and telecommunications technologies are transforming the sports experience – on the field and at home.  Technology providers and services need to interface with sports operations leaders to provide seamless and effective communications between those who invent new tools for production, distribution, archiving and playback – and those who depend upon those tools for their livelihoods. Interactive entertainment and fantasy leagues are an increasing profitable part of the international sports scene.  Cellular phones are as important as the latest, widescreen plasma screens. All the while, sports producers need to adapt to a changing business model and heightened customer expectations.


What is the SVG?
The Sports Video Group was formed to help sports industry decision makers at all levels to understand how to better apply video, Internet and audio technologies to their profession.

Why the SVG?
The marriage of video, audio and Internet technologies and the sports industry is unlike any other in terms of its innovation and complexity. Broadcasters, stadiums, and teams all use a wide range of technology to suit a wide range of needs: from training to the in-stadium experience and to making fans everywhere feel connected to their favorite team. Technologies, however, are changing at a faster pace than ever. The goal of the SVG is to help our members and sponsors keep on top of the latest technology trends to ensure they make proper business decisions that grow the value of their organization and sports property.

Aren’t other organizations doing that?
No. Other technology-related associations and publications treat the sports market as a subset of more traditional market segments. By focusing only on sports technology our members will have a better understanding of the entire sports technology ecosystem and see tomorrow’s trends today.

Why should someone become a member?
For the industry professional interested in learning about the latest sports production and distribution technology trends an SVG membership provides ample opportunities to learn, network and advance a career. SVG members receive a number of great benefits including:

Free admission to all SVG events and 50% discount on League Summit registrations.
Access to members-only area featuring exclusive content
Print publications including the SVG Technology Journal and Mobile Production Truck Yearbook
Online job postings

Why should an organization become a sponsor?
As an educational organization one of the charters of the SVG is to work together to set industry best practices, training certification, and enable quality discussions between organizations that previously found it difficult or impossible to share ideas. As a sponsor you’ll have the opportunity to network with the industry’s leading decision makers and to help influence trends that will expand the use of sports video technologies.

I already receive industry email newsletters.  How is the SVG’s email newsletter different?
Unlike most industry newsletters the Sports Video Insider includes fresh, exclusive content from leading journalists. In-depth Q&As with the industry’s top thinkers, analysis of breaking industry news, and a wrap-up of headlines from across the industry are received by the most influential sports technology professionals twice a week.

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