Telestream Thrives on Delivering Multiplatform, Multichannel Efficiency
By: Ken Kerschbaumer, Editorial Director
Sunday, April 11, 2010 - 6:45 pm

Correspondent Carl Lindemann reports on announcements by Telestream at the NAB Show.

According to Telestream President/CEO Dan Castles, a provider of live- and on-demand-video tools and workflow solutions, is riding a wave of record revenues by delivering strategies and savings for navigating the downturn. The company aims to turn this wave into a tsunami with the “biggest launch show ever,” featuring four major product releases at its NAB 2010 press conference.

“In Q1, we had record sales and income,” said Castles. “We have over a decade of double-digit growth, and this is not a blip. Our current success is the result of investment decisions made two years ago as we went into this [downturn] economy.”

The fruits of these investments are Vantage, a workflow-design and -automation system; Vantage Transcode, enterprise-class-server transcoding software; Episode 6, the company’s latest multiformat software encoder for Mac/PC; and Wirecast Pro, the company’s professional video-production and -streaming tool for the Mac/PC.

“Vantage is a new product family that transforms workflow,” said Marketing VP Barbara DeHart. “[With it, you can] design your own workflow-automation scheme, simple or complex.”

For DeHart, the Vantage advantage comes through integrating isolated islands of digital-video processing into a unified, managed workflow. Altogether, the modular system encompasses video capture, transcoding, analysis, Q/C, metadata processing, graphics assembly, and video-file management.

One key capability is the ability to create what’s described as a “self-healing” workflow. Here, the analysis tools allow automatic error correction.

Wirecast Pro is the professional version of its newly released Wirecast 4.0 package. Both are software suites that expand the “studio-in-a-box” concept, turning Internet-connected computers into production powerhouses.

“Wirecast Pro has support for more professional input devices and deeper integration with capture cards,” said DeHart. “It is ideal for high school and college sports.”

Aside from extensive capabilities, price is a big selling point for the Pro version. At $995, it promises to be a boon for content creators seeking to unleash their outsized aspirations on a tight budget.

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