Telecast Fiber Systems’ Expands Transceiver, Transport Lines
By: Jason Dachman, Editor
Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 10:01 am

At IBC 2010, Telecast Fiber Systems introduced products in its line of HD/POV fiber-optic video/data transceiver modules for robotic cameras; two sets of transmit and receive modules for the Viper II fiber-optic video-transport system; and CopperHead Pro, a camera-mounted fiber-optic transceiver for HD image-magnification (I-MAG) applications.

HD/POV Modules
In addition to providing all the functionality of the company’s original modules, the new HD/POV links feature small, ruggedized Mini-Mussel Shell field enclosures; a lower price; and optional data exchange via Ethernet fiber connections.

The new Mini-Mussel Shells provide a portable and compact universal enclosure for the company’s new T-Block Viper function modules. Each has all the Viper features, including integral optical power metering, informative system LED indicators, and assorted powering options.

Viper II
The new Viper II 6340 link is a transmit-and-receive system for simultaneous transmission of digital video, analog video, and 24-bit audio on a single fiber-optic cable for distances up to 30 km. The SDI path automatically detects and transports either a 1.5-Gbps uncompressed HD/SDI video stream (SMPTE 292) or an industry-standard 270-Mbps SD/SDI stream (SMPTE 259).

The new 6080 pair of transmit and receive modules multiplexes and transmits eight channels of analog audio onto a single fiber, providing more than 20 kHz of audio-frequency response with extremely low distortion.

The 6340 and 6080 also provide integration with SNMP monitoring systems. Like all modules in the Viper II series, they may be used in standalone “throw-down” mode or may be combined with other modules in the Viper II rack.

CopperHead Pro
The CopperHead Pro transceiver is designed for HD image-magnification applications in houses of worship, music venues, and corporate events. It leverages the light weight, reliability, and quality of fiber cable for projecting high-quality HD images.

The compact unit sandwiches between any HD/SDI video camera and a professional battery system, transporting uncompressed HD video signals to the control room via tactical fiber or hybrid SMPTE cable. It provides complete camera control and full bidirectional intercom and tally.

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