Cobalt Cards Add Timecode Prioritization, LTC Embedding/De-Embedding
Published: Friday, April 8, 2011 - 10:11 am

Cobalt Digital (, manufacturer of 3G/HD/SD conversion gear for broadcast environments, is enhancing the capabilities of its 9000 series COMPASS and Fusion3G cards with options for a complete timecode prioritization and LTC embedding/de-embedding solution. Chris Shaw, senior vice president of sales and marketing, announced that the new functionality is being exhibited for the first time at NAB in Booth N2512. The new option, +LTC, allows bidirectional transfer and conversion between VBI timecode formats and audio LTC, as well as RS-485 LTC. Audio LTC can be received over selected balanced analog audio and embedded or AES input channels and sent as digital audio over selected embedded or AES output channels. End users can easily set timecode priorities via the DashBoard GUI. If preferred format is detected, it is automatically selected. If not, another format is used as previously established in a priority list by the end user.

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