Sports Illustrated Debuts Football Rivals App
By: Brandon Costa, Senior Editor
Friday, September 16, 2011 - 10:59 am

Sports Illustrated is taking some of the most heated and passionate football rivalries in America to the next level.

The 'Sports Illustrated Football Rivals' app features an in-depth look into 10 NFL and NCAA football rivalries.

SI unveiled Sports Illustrated Football Rivals, which explores 10 great football rivalries with video and audio enhancements. The app delivers the seminal games, deciding plays and dominant performances within its interface and features 3D interactivity.

“The Sports Illustrated Football Rivals app explores the game’s classic rivalries in a groundbreaking way,” said Terry McDonell, group editor at SI. “The range of the experience is rich and extraordinary.”

The free app, presented by Coke Zero, is available for the iPad, iPhone and Android Smartphones and can be downloaded at

The 10 rivalries featured are Cowboys vs. Redskins; Packers vs. Bears; Texas vs. Oklahoma; Army vs. Navy; Auburn vs. Alabama; USC vs. Notre Dame;  Florida vs. Georgia; Ohio State vs. Michigan; Cal vs. Stanford; Kansas vs. Missouri.

Actor Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights) narrates documentary clips within a production that features rarely-seen video, audio and photography. The digital environment is complete with 3D interactivity.

In all, there is more than 300 pages of content and interactive components, such as video from Ohio State freshman Archie Griffin’s breakout game that sent him toward Heisman history, rare photos from the start of the Auburn-Alabama rivalry, a deep look inside the Bears-Packers frigid relationship with telling quotes, and a recreation of the Army-Navy game played in the aftermath of President John F. Kennedy’s death.

The 10 rivalries — as chosen by Sports Illustrated editors — are presented in interactive timelines where fans can pick points within the rivalry histories to access highlights, get inside stories as related by Sports Illustrated reporters, review key statistics and preview this year’s upcoming showdowns.

Three-time Emmy Award nominated actor, Kyle Chandler, known for his role as Coach Taylor in the acclaimed TV series Friday Night Lights, provides voiceover narration for short original films created by Sports Illustrated using archival photos.


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