SVG Photo Gallery: ESPN, NEP Hail EN1 as ‘Truck of the Future’
By: Brandon Costa, Senior Editor
Friday, September 6, 2013 - 1:54 pm

The kickoff of a new NFL season also marks a milestone moment for mobile sports production. NEP Broadcasting is introducing EN1, a collection of four, fully linked, 1080p-capable, 53-ft. expando units that promise to change the face of the truck industry.

With the kickoff of the Monday Night Football season on ESPN, NEP Broadcasting rolls out EN1, a series of four 1080p-capable, 53-foot expando units.

With the kickoff of the Monday Night Football season on ESPN, NEP Broadcasting rolls out EN1, a series of four 1080p-capable, 53-ft. expando units.

In anticipation of a new rights agreement with the NFL for its prized Monday Night Football package, ESPN and NEP spent two years collaborating on the units that total 3,300 sq. ft. of working space.

To give an idea of the technological increase ESPN receives with these trucks, there are 53 router panels in SS25 [the truck ESPN used on Monday Night Football a year ago]. There are 73 router panels in just the B unit alone of EN1, and nearly 150 router panels in total.

“This is the new standard for big-event trucks,” says Calcinari. “Once people see this thing in action, they are going to realize this is the model that a lot people are going to want moving forward.”

Earlier this week, SVG received a comprehensive tour of the newest members of the NEP Broadcasting fleet that those involved believe is the realization of the “Truck of the Future.” Click through to see inside and check out the wide array of manufacturers that had their part in the construction of EN1.

Photo credits: Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images; Brandon Costa / SVG

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